Old Gray Cemetery Tour Guide 2010

This is not your normal blog.  Mainly, it’s a motivational tool to improve my personal essay writing skills. I’m a slow writer and won’t post anything unless I’m inspired–I don’t want it to be a job, nor do I think I could have anything interesting to say on a daily basis.  Maybe it’s an anti-blog, or a slog??

It’s also possibly a kind of therapy; but, then, isn’t all creative activity? An unqualified attempt to preserve, to describe, and possibly make sense of this speck of time and space that is my life.

Some of the topics that might inspire me:  nature, literature, writing, film (esp foreign), libraries, cemeteries, bookstores, organic food, Tai Chi, old stuff (architecture, photography, books, ephemera, buttons, etc.), Asian philosophy, art.

I am inspired less by beauty than by the darkness inherent in beauty, by the difficulty, the question, the doubt that beauty contains. As Rilke said, it is only through loving the question can you live your way into the answer. So, I suppose the goal of this blog is to be one very long question.



2 Responses to About

  1. Elaine Oswald says:

    I love these reflective essays—I can go back to them several times and each time find something else to ponder. It’s good to find philosophical musings illustrated by art, literature, and film, which are all depictions of the human being, in solitude and in society, that have evolved through the centuries. Reflecting on the human condition is maybe what makes us civilized.

  2. Ann O'Dyne says:

    thank you for bringing ‘Jove Decadent’ to my knowledge. wonderful!

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