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At a recent fund-raising dinner for a local community farm, a woman entertained our table with tales of her worm farm.  The subject was something I knew little about.  I came away feeling as if I’d been given a mini-course … Continue reading

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Today, coming out of the co-op, the raucous clacking of starlings made me look up. A huge flock of them, like visual Morse Code, dot-dash-dotted the power lines across the street.  A young girl, no more than seven or eight, … Continue reading

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Baking Soda Moments

Involuntary memory is a funny thing. Today, while scrubbing the shower stall, I suddenly thought of two people, my mother and my late father-in-law, prompted by the baking soda—baking soda moments, I suppose, to borrow from Proust.  I could not … Continue reading

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Fall again.  Light thins, weakens, fades; serotonin production slows to a trickle.  I was already in a melancholy mood when I read a friend’s email this morning. He’s a retired biology professor; in fact, the man who directed my husband’s … Continue reading

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Cemeteries, the most accessible spiritual sanctuaries in the world, are also some of the last green (i.e., chemical-free) spaces in America. I try to visit a cemetery whenever I travel to a new city; of all I’ve seen, from Mount … Continue reading

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